If there’s one service you can’t afford to skip with your BMW, it’s your routine oil change. If you’re not sure why this maintenance is so important or when you need to get this vital “BMW service near me,” this guide aims to clear up any confusion.

Why are Regular Oil Changes Essential?

The main purpose of oil is to keep the moving parts in the engine lubricated. This keeps them from rubbing against one another and creating harmful friction. Dirty oil stops doing its job properly over time, which is why it needs to be changed.

When Should Oil Be Changed?

Depending on the type of oil you use, it will probably need to be changed somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 miles. Strictly adhering to mileage, however, isn’t always the best idea. Oil becomes increasingly thick as it gets older no matter how much you drive. This is why the recommendation is to have it changed about every six months.

What Happens If I Skip Oil Changes?

When an oil change is overdue, negative things will start to happen. First, you will probably notice a loss of power, as that thick old oil hurts an engine’s performance. Most likely you will also have to stop to get gas more often. When an engine isn’t running as efficiently as it should, it eats up your gas a lot faster. If you wait too long between oil changes, this may result in engine failure and expensive repairs.

If your car is due for an oil change, the service center at Fields BMW of Daytona will get you in and out quickly. We can also pick up your vehicle at your home and bring it back when the work is finished. Don’t delay!

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